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Sew-Lovely Days

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  • Post last modified:July 1, 2020

Hi Lovely Followers!

I hope all of you are having sew-lovely days! Thank you all for your support and all the sweet comments!

I’m so delighted that I’m at my 3rd pattern! This time it’s a dress made specifically for curvy bodies! This dress has been one of my sold-out dresses every time it was available in my annual collections.

This dress is easy to sew, whether you’re a first-timer or experienced sewer, you’ll be able to sew this dress within two hours! 

It’s a dress that you can either dress up or dress down, with sandals and without the neck bow it’s a perfect daytime summer dress and with stiletto’s and the neck bow you are ready for date night! I hope you like it and I I’m looking forward to seeing photos of you wearing this dress

Today, I’d like to share some personal stuff with you: Jeanette, a 91-year-old woman, is my role model because she’s a God-fearing woman, she still has a job in which she’s been in service for 46 years, she’s a proud piano teacher to more than 500 students (including an international award-winning pianist), she’s been playing the organ for 50 years every Saturday and Sunday during church services, she often plays piano for weddings and funerals, she’s a three-time local award winner, she’s very active on both WhatsApp and Facebook, she loves listening to her favorite piano worship songs on YouTube, she has the largest circle of friends, she cooks the best brown beans and rice, she looks like a 70-year-old, and most of all I’m blessed to call her my mom!Here she is:

Till Next Time, see you at my 4th sewing pattern!

AYO (Bye in my native language Papiamento)