I highly recommend to read the workbook and watch the Youtube sew along tutorial first before sewing.
This is an EASY TO SEW garment.
Skill level: beginner, intermediate, advanced.Sizes available are: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Double X Large. FOR MEASUREMENTS SEE SIZE CHART.

Fabric yardage is mentioned in workbook.
The video tutorial is the main way how to construct the garment; the workbook is a short summary of the video tutorial.

Very important: see description of seam allowance in workbook before cutting your fabric.
Fabrics to use: Knits, Jersey Knits, ITY Knit – only stretch fabrics. Fluid fabrics with incredible drape 90% polyester, 10 % spandex

Instructions how to print this pattern are in workbook. Please read instructions before printing the pattern.