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  • Post last modified:September 10, 2020

BON BINI means WELCOME in my native language Papiamento.

I am happy to create with you my favorite dress!

The Halle Maxi Dress is named after my all time favorite actress: Halle Berry

One of the reasons the maxi dress is my favorite dress is a maxi dress can really show off your figure without having to get any of your actual body out; a maxi dress also looks good on curves and slim figures. And whether you are small or tall, you can still pull off a maxi dress.

A maxi dress you can either dress it up: Cocktail event, dinner, church or you can dress it down for your daytime activities.

Here are some tips how to dress up a maxi dress:

  1. Pair it with high heels
  2. Add an embellished jacket or a blazer
  3. Add some statement jewelry
  4. Wear your hair in a bun
  5. Wear it with a clutch

Here are some tips to dress down a maxi dress:

  1. Pair it with flats / sandals
  2. Add a denim jacket
  3. Layered jewelry (Boho look)
  4. Wear a head wrap or turban
  5. Wear it with a cross body bag

Pull down the shoulders to make it an “off the shoulder dress”

Now you are ready to show off your maxi dress!

Don’t forget to send me pictures!

Till my next pattern!