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  • Post last modified:September 10, 2020

Hi Lovely Followers

Hope you all are enjoying the last weeks of summer!

This week’s pattern is the Body Con Dress or the Body Hugging dress that makes you show your killer curves! This dress was a special request from a follower.  This dress should be made with a very stretchy fabric because there is no zipper or buttons, for fabric info see pattern description.

Many people think the Body Con Dress is for younger women, to my opinion any women of any age can rock a body con dress as they want to. Here are my tips for 40+ women when wearing a body con dress.

  1. Make sure to wear the right underwear, I highly recommend shape wear and a push up bra
  2. Go one size or half a size up, this will give the body con dress a semi-loose fit.
  3. I recommend a dress length below the knee, this length gives a slimmer look and hides veins and cellulite, your dress sleeve should be ¾ quart sleeves or long sleeves, long sleeves give a slimmer appearance.
  4. Color and prints: Black is the best color for a body con dress, if you’re using prints make sure the print designs are small and if you’re working with stripes, make sure they go downwards, vertical and diagonal stripes have a thinning effect and horizontal stripes may enlarge your figure.
  5. Use the right accessories: a bold statement necklace or wear a body chain on a solid color body con dress, use a belt, a belt draws attention to your waist, always wear a dark-colored belt, dark colors always slim down.

Do you have any more tips? Share them with me!

I wish you all a “happy Body Con Sewing” day

Don’t forget to share your pictures with me! Till next time! AYO!